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Marijuana LifeInsure is owned and staffed by Independent Life Insurance Agents with access to over 50 top rated national life insurance carriers. It is our mission to fully explain the application process and guide you to a successful outcome.  We are highly skilled and experienced and have sold thousands of policies.  We speak with marijuana users daily. Call us today for a no obligation confidential quote.

Use our Quick Quoter to shop rates and get a general idea of pricing for your age, gender, and situation. Keep in mind they are 12 levels of pricing and they can get complicated, especially when you throw marijuana use into the mix. The most efficient way to get an accurate quote quickly is to just give us a call.

What You Need To Know Before You Apply!

Answers to the most common questions about marijuana usage and the life insurance process:

Are Non-Tobacco life insurance rates possible for marijuana users?

YES, non-tobacco rates are very possible for marijuana users and happen every day.  The key is to be matched with the most marijuana friendly insurance company for your situation. The best carrier for your friend or even your spouse or partner may not be the best choice for you!  Carriers take many factors into consideration during underwriting before making you an offer:

  • How often do you consume marijuana?
  • What form of marijuana do you use: smoking, vaping, edibles, oils?
  • Will you test positive for THC if an exam is ordered?
  • Do you also have any health impairments?
  • Do you have a medical marijuana card. How often do you fill it?

Some carriers have zero tolerance for frequent cannabis consumers (think weekly) and others will allow even daily use but it will affect your rate.  Be honest with your agent and let them guide you in the right direction.

Are Preferred life insurance rates possible for marijuana users?

Yes, preferred non-tobacco and preferred smoker rates are available for marijuana users.  A number of factors are considered for a preferred best (price level 1 of 12) or preferred rate (price level 2 of 12), regardless of marijuana or tobacco or nicotine consumption.  In addition to issues above, additional consideration is given to:

  • Age
  • Build
  • Prescription Medications
  • Immediate Family History
  • Driving Record
  • Criminal Convictions
  • Bankruptcy
  • Risky Sports
  • Dangerous International Travel

Finding a highly skilled and experienced agent you are comfortable with is your best resource before you apply with the wrong carrier and do irreparable damage to your MIB report.




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